Evolution of nudist girls in thirty years

If you’re looking at the illustrations, you’re probably already guessing what I’m talking about. Modern nudism is still young all together and a lot of things changed regarding nudist lifestyle all together. However, I’m not going to talk about history of nudism. I’m just going to point out one obvious difference about nudist girls from thirty years ago and now.

Retro photo of hairy nudist girls with hairy armpits and hairy pussy bushes

Yes, you’ve guessed it. I’m talking about the visual difference on their naked bodies. I’m talking about the amount of pubic hair that nudist girls used to have and the lack of it in modern times. First wave of nudist girls back in the day, had hairy armpits, hairy pussy and even hairy legs. It was all about being natural and in touch with the nature. Modern day nudist girls are usually shaved smooth, with not a single pubic hair on them. There are exceptions of course, and some girls really like the retro look, but that is usually limited to their big vaginal bush and nothing else.

Go ahead, compare the top retro picture of nudist girls from the eighties with the millennial generation of nudist girls from today.

New age modern nudist girls posing naked and showing off their shaved pussies and smooth armpits

If you still don’t think that shaved pussy look is becoming a standard on the nude beaches, you can check out this teen nudist with a hairless pussy to confirm it. She is the representative example of a new young wave of nudist girls that are all over the nude beaches across the world. You’ll always see an odd example of a very hairy nudist woman but you can be sure that she is an exception that confirms this new trend of keeping the pussy milky smooth and hairless.

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