How to recognize a gold digger and a sugar daddy on beach

It is one of the funnier things in life, how obvious these couples become when they have less clothes. Beach resorts and even nudist resorts are both infamous for having a lot of guys with mistresses and even women with boy toys having summer fun together and they are so easy to spot. Here is a few voyeur pictures to show you what I mean, both containing wrinkled older men hanging out and walking with top of the pops kind of girls.

Hot gold digger nudist holds hands with much older boyfriend

These two are so obviously in a sugar daddy and gold digger kind of relationship. That young nudist girl got a sensational hourglass body, smooth skin and flawless breasts, while on the other hand, her male companion is at least twenty years older, in bad physical shape and worth mentioning, he got a very small cock. She is holding his hand while they walk together but I bet she is on the lookout for some much younger and much bigger nudist penis. She even got sunglasses, making it easier to look around and spot some hot guys.

Sugar daddy walks along with his trophy girlfriend in topless

Here is another priceless example of a sponsor kind of relationship. Much older and much fatter man is holding a hand of a gorgeous topless girl and it is clear something isn’t right here. Her boobs are too good to be true and she flaunts them while they walk together along the shore. I bet he is a proud geezer to have such a trophy girlfriend by his side. If guys ever see these voyeur photos, they’ll be proud of how well off they are but girls will be embarrassed out of their mind.

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