Peeping on shy first time nudist girl on the beach

Hanging out on a big nudist beach got its pros and cons and stumbling on this young girl is definitely a good thing. I was suntanning near her family and I noticed that she still isn’t totally cool with being naked in front of others, despite her undisputed good looks. She had fun while swimming but as soon as she returned to the beach, she was trying to cover herself up with a towel and she kept nervously looking around. One would think that she was the only nude person out there, but needless to say, that wasn’t the case.

Shy nudist girl wrapped a towel around her head

You can take a look at how different stance, facial expression and behavior give away that she is all new to being nude in public. You can freely compare her to this much more experienced nudist girl and see the difference. With all that being said, now take a good look at the pictures I took of her while she wasn’t looking. Her body looks like it is chiselled from marble, from her beautiful tits and nipples all the way to her totally hairless pussy. I wouldn’t even be surprised if she was still a virgin, because she sure looks like one. She just needs to get rid of that awkward beginner nudist feel and she’ll be all good for some fun.

Shy nudist girl with perfect hairless pussy and firm tits

I’m not even going to say which exact beach she was noticed on but I will tell you it is from one of the mainstream nude beaches and that you can find that beach on this list. I’m calling this beach as a mainstream one for a reason, because kinkier stuff and better things for a voyeur can be seen on some much smaller and more secluded beaches. However, if you’re a newbie to the whole nudist lifestyle, I definitely recommend going to a mainstream beach, even more so if you intend to put your voyeur skills to the test.

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