Peeping a girl doing deadlift exercise on the beach sand

On my way to the beach, I passed by the area where people come to have an outdoor workout, with some dumbbells and stuff that is always there. Usually, bodybuilders are hanging out there so it isn’t that much interesting, but this time, there was a group of hot fitness girls doing their workout on the sand. I don’t even need to say those sporty girls immediately got my attention and I stealthily got closer to get a better look.

Peeping on amazing ass of fit girl doing a deadlift exercise in a bikini on the beach

I had to pretend that I’m just strolling by them so they don’t consider me a pervert but I actually managed to time it perfectly, just to make a video of the hottest girl in the group, while it was her turn for a deadlift set. You’re about to witness a fantastic voyeur video that will show you how her awesome buttocks spread open when she goes down while lifting the weights.

I was actually on my way towards the nudist part of the resort, in hopes of peeping on some nude woman in the water, but this turned out much better than that. It is really rare to see such a perfect fit ass in action. Her technique is great, her strength is visible and the sexiness while doing the exercise is unqestionable. Only thing that would make the video better is if she was doing it naked, but we can’t always have the maximum satisfaction I guess.

Voyeur peeps on hot fit girl while she is exercising on the sandy beach

If you think it is the best to peep on bent over girls in the gym, you’ll have second thoughts about it now that you’ve seen how much better it looks when they do it on the beach, while wearing a bikini. That bikini thong is barely covering her anus and pussy when her buttocks spread open during the most intense part of lifting the weighs in a deadlift pose. Her ass cheeks look so muscular that she can probably crush nuts with them, no pun intended.

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