Socializing while naked with friends

Like everything in life, getting nude in public for the first time is much easier in company, specially with close friends. Socialization while naked will bring your friendship and relationship with other people on a whole new level and here is a big recommendation to try it out if you haven’t already. We’ve already said that going on a nude beach is the first and easiest step towards nude life and nudist activities, and here is an expansion on that thought, to do it along with some good friends.

Shy girls cover vaginas during naked suntanning together

Here is a good example of several girlfriends that got talked into hanging out together by the nudist beach, and you’re probably noticing from the picture that they are all still very shy and that they think topless is as far as they’ll manage to go while in front of others, specially their friends. It certainly took them a while to realize it is all natural and that there is nothing wrong with being nude with others. You’ll see how they get ballsy and progress towards enjoying themselves and having fun together.

Hot girls get loose and fully nude during sunbathing

In a matter of hours, those very same shy girls were totally happy while naked in public and they were having a blast. Nothing is hidden, no taboo, just plain good time and joy of being free and socializing with friends, in total nudity. Relaxation was the key to get them to finally enjoy the moment and to even flirt and chill with boys that were also nearby. I would even say that it was a whole new experience for these girls to gossip and comment on boys now that they see everything, without guessing about their penis size and whatnot.

Naked friends having a shower together

Final proof of how much girls enjoyed their naked day is the fact that they all took a shower together. They didn’t go to their hotels but instead they all went to the beach shower room and they kept talking, having fun and socializing among themselves. They even posed for some naked pics to show off how they need to be suntanning nude a lot more times to lose those pale white tan lines on their amazing naked asses.

Naked girls taking a shower together and showing tan lines on asses

Whole point of this is to learn by example and to see how much fun it is to chill with friends, and to once again recommend a nude beach for your first time of public nudity. These girls now tasted the fun side of nudism and how fun it is to be fully exposed and almost vulnerable while naked in front of friends. Next step for them is to enjoy even more nude social activities and I would recommend the very same to you, dear reader.

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