Tight and tanned young asses in thong bikinis

From the first moment when beach voyeur spotted these two, he knew what has to be done, for the sake of voyeurism and for the sake of every horny man out there that will see the pictures or videos of these two tanned teens on the beach. These two are the best of both worlds when it comes to body shape. Brunette is fitter, taller and tighter, while the blonde is more curvy, with a much more noticeable bubble butt. They are both wearing black bikinis and they got thong tan line in the ass crack.

Tanned ass of hot bent over brunette teen at the beach

So what is special about these two stunning girls, you ask? Well, aside from looking like a million dollars, they are both athletic enough to do a handstand and to shamelessly try it out in the middle of the beach, but we’ll get to that. For the time being, you can check out the voyeur pictures of both of them and soak in all the delightful skin that is put on display by their thong bikinis.

They both have fully bronze tanned bodies, their tight butts are very perky and you’ll also notice that there is a visible sexy tan line when any bikini moves a bit. Regardless if these two are lying around on their beach towels or doing their silly acrobatics, they are as sexy as it is possible to be on the beach, without even trying to achieve it.

Athletic teen blonde shows her ass while doing a handstand in front of voyeur

Blonde teen kind of got challenged by her brunette friend and that is why she went ahead to do a handstand. She does it excellently and beach voyeur captures it all, on pictures and video. She spins around, stands on her hands, with her amazing ass fully in the air. Probably the best part of her handstand is when she lands on the beach sand and gets on all fours, like she is anticipating doggy style sex or something. For a moment there, it really looked like her tanned bubble butt twerks for a quick second, and her puckered asshole is barely covered by the bikini.

Voyeur watches hot blonde teen do a handstand

For a beach voyeur, it is very different if he peeps on hot asses on motion, like these two teen friends, or a teen babe showing ass and pussy while lying around on the beach. It takes a particular set of skills to make a candid video from this close by and without the silly teen girls not noticing anything. These two were enjoying their acrobatics so much that they didn’t even notice that a voyeur is checking them out, from almost a point blank range.

You can be sure that for any man, voyeur or not, these two are more than noticeable on the beach. Fit ass of the brunette and her smooth ass cheeks are something that everyone would want to cup his hands around, and then some. Blonde looks absolutely perfect for any kind of sex, specially anal, and you’ll know that when you see that little anus slip out of her thong bikini. Her flexibility and the way she can do just about any pose with her body is just making her sexier.

Both teen friends got amazing tanned asses in thong bikinis

It isn’t even a question if you’ll be dreaming and fantasizing about these two erotic teens on the beach. True question is which one of them interests you more and which one will first pop to mind when you get horny. Thanks to this clever voyeur and his candid camera, you’ll enjoy both of their smooth skin and epic tight asses for as much as you want, and they won’t even know it.

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