Nudist woman teasing the camera

I have a little confession to make about this beautiful mature nudist woman. This started off as my attempt to spy on her but she actually realized what I’m doing. From there on, it became wild and she did something I’ll never forget. She openly teased me and my camera with her naked body, despite the fact her husband and entire family were swimming near her while she was relaxing in the water. I like to believe it is because I look good when I’m naked but maybe it is simply because she is totally free and open about with her sexuality. One way or another, it was incredible, and you’ll see all of it.

Gorgeous naked milf with natural big tits is sitting inside water

First time I laid my eyes on her and begun recording, she was sitting in the water, with her big breasts and brown nipples fully visible. She was talking with her family and throwing stones in the water. You’ll also notice the exact moment when she pointed her finger at me and shouted that there is a guy filming her. I got a bit scared to be honest but I soon noticed it was all good fun to her and even to her husband. With her beauty and all, I’m guessing this isn’t the first time that someone wanted to videotape this impressive nudist woman.

I bet until now, you thought that you can only see perfect tits like these on a porn website with lots of tits, right? You were very wrong. You can simply head over to a nudist beach, like I already said a countless times, and simply pick your favorite pair of tits to watch, enjoy and maybe even sneak a few photos and videos of it. That is entirely your call, just remember, it is always better to see it live and in front of you instead of a computer screen. Her boobs are just the tip of the iceberg regarding all the things she did in front of the camera.

Nudist woman swims and lifts her ass out of water in a sexy way

She was talking to her husband in the water and giving me some fun glances while I was making this video of her. I couldn’t hear what she told him but seems like she wanted him to see what she’ll about to do and how she’ll tease me and my camera. You will not believe how nicely she did it and how erotic it looks when she flaunts her sexuality and nudity so openly, in front of her nudist family.

Milf swimming naked and talking to someone

You can easily tell she is an experienced nudist and that being checked out by horny men on the nudist beach and in the water is nothing new to her. She is well used to it and she even enjoys teasing and having fun when she realizes that she is being an object of someones lust. You can’t even compare her to some shy young nudist girl that doesn’t know how to behave with all the nudity and people around her.

If you’re looking at these pictures, you see how smart she is and how she knows what I’ll like and what drives men crazy. She is swimming on her belly and she arches her back to lift her naked ass out of the water. Slowly at first and then faster and faster, showing more and more of her nudity and even her pussy to my camera. You’ll see her coy smile while she does it and it makes the whole thing even more sexy.

Nudist woman spreads her legs wide while watching the camera

Luckily for me, my entire lower body was in the water all the time and no one could notice that I’m rock hard while watching and making a video of what she is doing and how she plays in the water. She didn’t stop with just lifting and showing her naked ass out of the water. That was just the beginning. The final provocative thing she did was even more arousing than anything before.

Naked milf spreads her legs in the water

She once again turned around on her back while floating in the shallow water and she prepared to give me the sexiest look on her that you can ever possibly imagine. She slowly spread her legs wide and lifted them out of the water, making sure to only slightly reveal her pussy, as if she is inviting me to jump on top of her. I was watching in disbelief when she had her legs in the air and fully open, right in front of my camera, all in front of her family.

I’m sure you’ll agree, but seeing such a natural and beautiful woman, teasing like that, while fully nude in the water, makes it really hard not to walk around the beach with a boner. I was in the water so my erect penis was hidden from plain sight but I’m pretty sure they were all aware that I’m having a very hard situation down there, if you know what I mean. Her naughty grin was priceless when she achieved her goal and when she realized that I’m becoming uncomfortably aroused by what I’m looking at.

Nudist milf spreads legs and lifts them out of water while swimming

This is by far the sexiest thing without sex that ever happened to me on the nudist beach and I’m telling you all this in hopes of motivating you to visit some nudist beach near you and to see and experience such events on your own, because it is prone to happen with so much nudity, good vibrations and great nudist people that you’ll get to meet and enjoy. If the pictures of this astonishing naked woman don’t motivate you to try it out, then I don’t know what will.

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